Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beta Working After Game Official Launch

I have been apart of dozens of beta testing.  More recently I got a hold of the LBP2 beta in late 2010.  My kids love LBP1 so getting a hold of the beta prior to launch was really cool.

Fast forward several weeks and the game officially launched on Jan 18th in North America.  So needless to say the beta of LBP2 has been sitting there unused.  Last night the kids asked if they could play LBP2 and I had told them that it didn't work anymore.  However before I said that one of them launched the application on the PS3.

When it popped up it gave us an error message.  I knew something like that was going to happen and I attempted to explain to my children that we need to buy the real game.  (On my to-do list)

While I was doing this the level launched!  WTF?  It was working!  I have NEVER heard of a beta that worked after a games official release but somehow this one did.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"They're Sooooo Angry!" Those Damn Angry Birds

"They're sooooooo angry"

Angry birds is a game I have developed a special kind of bond with.  I have had moments when I wanted to laugh, cry, adored, despised, cherished, and wanted to throw the game out the window.  It has grown into the epitome of a love/hate relationship.  During the course of the many long minless hours of playing this gave
I have learned something about this game that others might not have realized just yet.


I am speculating somewhere out there in the world Angry Birds has been the culprit of someones loss of job, girlfriend or boyfriend, life, or other form of staus.  (Yeah life if you are so addicted you play and drive)

While millions of people are hopelessly addicted to this game I have come up with a short and to the point summary to anyone who has never been blessed/cursed to experience it.

Giving severe head injuries to kamikaze colored birds who are looking for revenge against egg stealing green pigs. 

Damn those stupid pigs, damn them.

Killzone 3 From A Guy Who Hated Killzone 2

I have been a fan of first person shooters for a while now. While I humbly admit I am not the best shooter in the world, I am in no way anywhere near to the worst. I feel my skill level is a little more than average.

I remember back in early 2010 seeing those awesome Killzone 2 TV spots that would just suck you into it.

I remember thinking to myself... "I have to own that game!" So on launch day, I went out and bought it. At first it was a tad different than the normal FPS I would normally play but I figured I would adjust to it. I did not. So much annoyed me about the game.

First and foremost were the bullets. If it is a futuristic kind of game why in the world are they shooting bullets? Seemed a little primitive to me. That was my first gripe about it. Then I realized how bulky and sluggish the characters moved. I hated that. Even with the sensitivity all the way at maximum it still feels as if they move far too slow.  Next up was the aiming system that the game had in place.  Having to manually zoom in and out without the zoom going back to normal once you let go of the button was very foolish.  Most games have it already setup like this.  It is easy.  You let go of the zoom button and it goes back to normal.  Not with KZ2, you have to manually push the zoom again to unzoom.  Having said that there is too much firing from the hip.  Next was he recoil.  The recoil in this game was just awful.  I understand that guns naturally recoil but it was taken to the extreme in KZ2.

Needless to say those annoyances plus others cheated me out of the KZ2 experience.  I had given up on it and wanted nothing to do with it after not only 2 weeks of owning it.

Fast forward to a year later and I see those awesome Killzone 3 trailers/gameplay that seem to just suck me into it.

Killzone 3 looks spectacular. So much in fact that as much as I hated KZ2, I am willing to give the series another go round.  I would be foolish to stay biased and not get it based on my KZ2 experience.  I am just hoping that my little annoyances were fixed in this next installment.

Here I am a guy who never thought he'd play another Killzone game again, publicly announcing his triumphant return.  I have pre-ordered the game and will update how I feel about it by the end of the month.

Leading up to launch I am not going to be pessimistic and assume that I will hate it like I did KZ2.  IN fact it is the opposite.  I am confident I am going to love it.  Look at it!  It looks amazing!