Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beta Working After Game Official Launch

I have been apart of dozens of beta testing.  More recently I got a hold of the LBP2 beta in late 2010.  My kids love LBP1 so getting a hold of the beta prior to launch was really cool.

Fast forward several weeks and the game officially launched on Jan 18th in North America.  So needless to say the beta of LBP2 has been sitting there unused.  Last night the kids asked if they could play LBP2 and I had told them that it didn't work anymore.  However before I said that one of them launched the application on the PS3.

When it popped up it gave us an error message.  I knew something like that was going to happen and I attempted to explain to my children that we need to buy the real game.  (On my to-do list)

While I was doing this the level launched!  WTF?  It was working!  I have NEVER heard of a beta that worked after a games official release but somehow this one did.

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