Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"They're Sooooo Angry!" Those Damn Angry Birds

"They're sooooooo angry"

Angry birds is a game I have developed a special kind of bond with.  I have had moments when I wanted to laugh, cry, adored, despised, cherished, and wanted to throw the game out the window.  It has grown into the epitome of a love/hate relationship.  During the course of the many long minless hours of playing this gave
I have learned something about this game that others might not have realized just yet.


I am speculating somewhere out there in the world Angry Birds has been the culprit of someones loss of job, girlfriend or boyfriend, life, or other form of staus.  (Yeah life if you are so addicted you play and drive)

While millions of people are hopelessly addicted to this game I have come up with a short and to the point summary to anyone who has never been blessed/cursed to experience it.

Giving severe head injuries to kamikaze colored birds who are looking for revenge against egg stealing green pigs. 

Damn those stupid pigs, damn them.

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