Friday, January 28, 2011

PS3 XMB Changing In The Near Future?


Last week Sony officially announced their Next Gen Handheld device (Called the NGP or Next Gen Portable) that is to officially replace the PSP. 


While most already knew of the existence of this device one thing took a lot of people off guard.  Apparently the NGP has a completely different XMB than the older PSP or even the current PS3.  Normally, the Sony handheld and the PS3 shared similar XMB’s to help intertwine the two devices a lot easier. 

This is not the case with the new NGP.  The new XMB for that system will be called “Live Area”.  A relatively new XMB that has been unseen in any of Sony’s electronics. 


In the near future will this “Live Area” make its way onto the PS3?  The Sony handhelds and the PS3 have a solid history of sharing XMB’s so it is certainly a possibility.  Overhauling the PS3 XMB is long overdue in my opinion.  However that is all speculation that a lot of professionals and gamers alike are already making.

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