Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PSP2 Announcement Coming Next Week

FINALLY! After hearing many rumors and waiting for what seems like forever, Sony is finally going to announce next week the news that we have all been waiting for. Yes folks, the official announcement of the PSP2! It has been no secret that Sony was in development of the PSP2, but without an official announcement gamers and fans were left to do nothing but speculate.  In recent weeks it has also been rumored to be even more powerful than the PS3 itself!

Another rumor is that soon after the official announcement, Sony will officially announce the Playstation phone. A phone that is literally going to revolutionize how we use our hand held devices.  If Sony has upgraded their remote play capability on the PSP2 and or the Playstation phone to act as a true mobile ps3, I for one will be very happy.  It would be awesome to have a mobile device that allows me to stream Netflix, Skype, or play ALL my downloaded PSN games.We are very excited!

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