Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear Sony...

Every PS3 lover knows one thing that most will agree on.... THE PS3 DOESN'T DO EVERYTHING!  Least, not yet.  The PS3 is an amazing machine.  In no way does it use its full capacity of what it is able to do.  So, I am come up with a few features that would make excellent additions.

Skype Integration:  If the PS3 followed the suit of the PSP and allowed Skype video chatting it would be spectacular.  Skype is a widely popular program used by a large amount of users.  Skype on the PS3 would benefit everyone.  The user, Sony, and of course Skype.  Plus it is a feature that would be used.

Gameplay Recorder: When Sony revealed the video editor it came off as a step in the right direction.  Finally we were able to upload videos to facebook or youtube.  However there was no gameplay recorder.  There isn't a gamer on the planet that would not like to upload certain aspects of their gameplay for all to see.  Everyone has had that gaming moment when you make that awesome play, kill, or some other gaming moment when you just wish other people were there to see it.  Adding a gameplay recorder is another feature that most ps3 users would like to see.

Improved Web Browser: Most people complain that the web browser on the ps3 is so bad, they do not even use it.  I too have had my issues with it.  If the web browser was updated, in a sense the PS3 could potentially be used as an additional computer.  Very useful for those families with only one laptop or PC.  No more waiting for them to get off the computer so you can browse the net, you can just use your PS3.

Invisible Sign-In:  Most PS3 users have friends on their friends list.  However having an invisible sign-in would be useful for those times when you just want to be left alone.

Improved Chatroom: Even though it has been fairly obvious most PS3 users would like to be able to chat with friends outside a chatroom, the actual chatroom could use an update as well.  For those who do decide to join a chatroom with friends, a video or music sharing feature would be nice.  If I have a video I would like to watch with the people of my chatroom, that would be ideal.  Kind of like the theater party on the xbox 360 version of Netflix.

 If Sony were to add these features it would easily place the PS3 a step above all other consoles.  To a lot of PS3 users the PS3 is already superior.  I too think this however these features would leave the issue with a status of "without a doubt the best best console on the market".

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