Friday, December 10, 2010

Did Rockstar Make A Mistake By Killing Off John Marston?

We cannot get enough of Red Dead Redemption. So much that after all this time we are still playing it. The game is simply a masterpiece.

To us he is easily one of the best video game characters ever made. Sure he isn't a complete saint but that's one reason why we love the character so much.

Now that it has been months since the launch of the game we feel it is not so much of a spoiler to reveal that Rockstar killed John off in the end of Red Dead Redemption.

With the huge popularity of the game, it eventually led to a spin-off in the Undead Nightmare. (Awesome by the way) A game where people could once again play as John Marston. Was the spin-off enough to satisfy the people who wanted to continue their cowboy adventures as John Marston? Or did Rockstar make a mistake by killing him off?

Depending on whom you ask people are on both sides of the argument. We also admit we were not happy to see him go. However we are such huge fans of Rockstar games we have faith that it was the right decision. Before Undead we never thought we'd be able to play as John again. We were wrong. Could John appear in later Rockstar games? We hope so.

Even if John never makes another appearance we feel his unforgettable character ill forever live within gamers and fans of Red Dead Redemption.  Yee Haw!

We were going to end the blog entry there.  However we came across a picture.  It is a real grave from a man named John Marston.  Coincidence???  Prolly not but the picture is still awesome.

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