Monday, December 6, 2010

Gamestop Promises To Deliver Before Christmas

Just in time for the holidays Gamestop comes through.  Known for great deals Gamestop has a promotion going on that offers free shipping and a guaranteed delivery before December 24th.

In 2010 we are living dab smack in the middle of the digital age.  More and more consumers are doing their shopping online.  The thought of doing Christmas shopping from the comfort of their living room beats the enormous hassle of going out to the mall or department stores.

With the gaming industry being a multi-billion dollar industry, it is obvious Christmas time is the companies busiest time of year.  What gamer wouldn't love a new game, a Gamestop gift card, or a new console for Christmas?  I certainly cannot think of one.

Not only are purchased guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas, they are also including free shipping in their promotion.  Something I'm sure every Christmas shopper can appreciate.  Great job Gamestop.

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