Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another PS3 Update And Still No Cross Chat

**Sigh** I awoke this morning and noticed that my PS3 did not sign into PSN automatically like it normally does.  After looking it said I needed to update the system.  Ahhhh yes.  I had read the night prior about the PS3 mandatory update that was now online.

With every passing update I long for what a lot of people yearn for when it comes to the PS3.  CROSS GAME CHAT!

Playstation is well aware that people want this feature and yet they have not given it to us.  Why?  Today's update was a simple security update to combat piracy.  That is fine, we can respect that.  Having said that only further brings the question of why they have not given us this highly demanded feature.

If you look at todays update it was all about taking measures to get rid of ps3 piracy.  PS3 piracy did not surface until early 2010.  Sure it took a few months but eventually they had a security update to control it.  So as you can see they are on top of what the PS3 actually needs.  Again, they have known that this is a feature that is wanted by the users for years and have done nothing to bring it to the forefront.  Why?

Surely this feature would only bring the PS3 much more satisfied customers.  I alongside many of PSN users have online friends we would like to communicate with.  Not everyone wants to go to a chatroom (where we can do nothing else) and chat online.

The Xbox 360 version of this feature is highly valuable and is used by millions of gamers every single day.  Some people would argue that this feature alone separates the consoles with the 360 coming out on top.

I love the PS3 but without this feature, they can never expect to completely overtake the 360 in the eyes of the fans/consumers.  GIVE US OUR CROSS GAME CHAT!!!!

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