Monday, December 6, 2010

How We Really Feel About Sega

For those of my age group, Sega played a huge part of my childhood and most likely played apart of yours.  I loved it.  I loved the consoles, I loved the games, hell I even loved the opening logo and sounder that played when you turned a game on.

I remember growing up we would spend countless hours in front of the television playing some sort of Sega console.  Just about everyone had one.  Literally, no matter which of my friends house I would go to they would always a Sega console ready to play.

Fast forward to 2010.  What happened?  It was as if they were a powerhouse company in the 90’s.  What changed?  The Master system was awesome,  the genesis was revolutionary, the Sega-CD didn’t get the respect it deserved, the Saturn was great, and the Dreamcast was unforgettable.

Today the company is still around but in my opinion not as popular as they were in the days when they made gaming consoles.  How did they fall from one of the front running gaming companies to mediocrity?

I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why Sega doesn’t make consoles anymore.  However the fans of the golden days of Sega must have all thought about the “what-if’s” of a Sega console on par with that of the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

I personally love the Sega company.  In fact, recently they were courteous enough to send me a prize that I won off twitter. (Every Friday they give away prizes off their twitter page @Sega)

I would like to point out that I am someone who would pay money for a Sega console if in fact one came out to go against the PS3, 360, and the Wii.  I know for a fact that I am not alone either.  There are plenty of Sega fan boys who feel the same.  So please… BRING US BACK TO THE GOOD OL’ DAYS!!!  WE WANT A NEW CONSOLE!!!

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