Monday, December 6, 2010

Kevin Butler Needs To Host SNL

You know the man, they myth, the legend Kevin Butler. He has dozens of playstation commercials promoting different aspects of the PS3 and other playstation services.

Did you hear about the guy from Texas who went on facebook and promoted for months early on in 2010 that he wanted Betty White to host SNL?

Guess what... it worked.  He got thousands of people to support his idea and it eventually his plan to get Betty White to host SNL became a reality.

Join our cause on facebook at!/pages/Get-Kevin-Butler-To-Host-SNL/174854885876155

We are huge fan of the Playstation Kevin Butler commercials.  We think Kevin Butler is hilarious.  We think we should do the same for him and rally to get him to host SNL.  Let's get together until we get enough support to get Kevin Butler to host SNL.  Oh... that is whenever he decides to move out of the Maguire house.  #KBMovesIn

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