Friday, January 28, 2011

Would Like To Take This Time to Say Thank You EA.

I have been a huge Battlefield fan for many years.  I used to play Modern Combat on the PS2, bought Battlefield 1943, Bad Company for both the 360 and the PS3, (when I bought BC2 on 360 I paid additional $ for a VIP), I bought BC2 on the PS3 along with the Vietnam expansion… you get the idea.  Basically, I have been loyal fan and have spent quite a bit of money on Battlefield series.

Only recently I re-purchased BC2, but this time it was for the PS3.  (I had mostly played on 360)  That was because when the Vietnam expansion came out, I just had to get it.  So I had to start over on multiplayer.  No big deal.

That’s when I noticed that I wasn’t a VIP anymore.  When I bought VIP I was on the 360 and it did not carry over to the PS3.  (Even though on my account clearly has my 360 gamertag along with my PS3 PSN name intertwined)

I contacted EA via live support and explained the situation and explained how I have been a loyal longtime fan and have spent boatloads of money on the series.  I wanted to attempt to get my VIP switched over to the PS3.  After all, I had purchased it before.

Normally it is EA’s policy that the VIP is not transferable, however since I am a level 7 veteran they decided that it would be okay and gave me a PSN VIP code.  All I did was be polite and explained the situation on how I did not own it for 360 any longer etc.

Now I had no idea this would actually work.  I just gave it the ol’ college try and it all worked out.  Having gone through this experience reinforced my belief that EA actually cares about its customers.  In a similar situation does anyone think the makers of any of the COD series would do the same for its customers?  In my opinion… “Never”.

Thank you EA.  

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